Frequently asked questions

Most frequently asked questions:

Is there any age limit on permanent makeup?

No, we apply PM with no restrictions on women and girls aged over 18. If we have a female client (male client) under the age of 18, he or she must be accompanied by at least one parent.


I am pregnant so can I have permanent eyebrow makeup? I have a problem getting ready in the morning when I have to carefully shape my eyebrows…

During pregnancy, the postnatal period and breastfeeding we do not apply PM because at this time there is a hormone imbalance which could result in pigment changes or the colour does not “stay”.


Could I have an allergic reaction to PM?

We certainly rule out such a possibility. We use top quality tools and quality natural hypoallergenic pigments.


How long does it take to heal after the procedure?

Usually 4 to 5 days and may even be up to 1 week for eyebrows. It is not good to use any makeup in the areas where PM has been applied while it is healing.


Does PM require any special care?

You need to maintain constant hygiene immediately after application. We have prepared detailed information with instructions for each individual procedure which must be observed to achieve the most effective results.


I am thinking of having permanent eyebrow makeup. Is this procedure limited by time, i.e. which season of the year is the most appropriate?

The most appropriate time to have permanent eyebrow makeup is from the start of October to the end of April, and in the summer if you are not planning an early holiday. In every case it is essential that you use cream with a high UV filter to protect those areas where PM has been applied. PM to the upper and lower lines can be applied throughout the year because you can protect the eyes with sunglasses during the specified time. But generally speaking and as recommended by dermatologists, this does not just concern PM, you should not expose your skin to excessive sunlight.


I would like to book in for permanent lip makeup, but I’m scared that the procedure will hurt. How do you deal with this problem?

To ensure that you do not suffer any discomfort during the procedure, the shape and colour is drawn first before the procedure and approved by you. Then the doctor present applies an anaesthesia injection. This acts instantly guaranteeing that the entire procedure is pain-free. “EMLA” anaesthetic cream is sufficient for permanent eyebrow makeup and eyeliners being applied to the areas concerned before the procedure.


How long does PM last and can it be re-applied?

This is highly individual, depending on age, sunlight intensity, skin type and follow-up care. It should generally last two years. PM can be re-applied as required. There is no limit.


I first had PM then years ago and it lasted 7 years. I went a second time three years ago and the colour evidently needs to be refreshed. How is it possible and why is there such a difference between these two procedures?

As part of the European Union regulation, but chiefly in the interest of your health, we use pigments containing safer ingredients than was the case in the past. Unfortunately this is detrimental to the length of time that the colour lasts. Therefore we offer our clients the so-called refresh which comes at a special 30% discount of the original price. But this is subject to the clients coming before the expiry of two years after the last application.


I have decided to have permanent eyebrow makeup, but I don’t know which method to choose. I don’t know whether to opt for micro pigmentation or permanent makeup. Could you explain the difference and which of the treatments do you prioritise?

There is no difference. The procedure is the same as micro-pigmentation in marketing terms is just another name for permanent makeup.


Will the application of PM eyeliner make my eyelashes fall out?

You don’t need to worry as the punctures are far less deep than where the lash follicles lie.


I would like to come to your studio for upper and lower eyeliner. I have fake eyelash extensions so I hope that this will not pose an obstacle to the procedure?

Unfortunately I have to disappoint you. In your case the extensions have to be removed first, leave the skin to rest during regeneration and the eyeliner can be applied after about a month.


I have made an appointment for permanent lip makeup at your studio, but I suffer from cold sores. Is there any prevention against this risk?

Certainly. Effective medication is Herpesin 400 mg in the form of tablets. We recommend that you start taking it one day before the procedure (no earlier) and for the next at least 5 days after the procedure. This medication is prescribed by a doctor who will determine the optimum dosage.


A friend had permanent eyebrow makeup while staying abroad. After about six months her eyebrow “turned ginger” which has done nothing for her beauty. How could this have happened when her natural colour is dark brown?

One of the possibilities is that the client did not sufficiently protect the applied area against sunlight. Another reason could be the fact that the wrong colour was used (too many red undertones) and the skin pigment changed as a result. At our Estetica Studio we can offer a broad range of colours and can mix almost any shade. An important warning is that greater damage can be caused by solarium tanning immediately or a short time after PM.


It would interest me to know how permanent eyebrow makeup is carried out and if my own eyebrow hairs will continue to grow and in the area where it was applied?

The first thing we will do is draw the shape and together agree on the colour. Then any unnecessary (unwanted) hairs are pulled out and the application procedure goes ahead. Your eyebrows will acquire a perfect shape and colour with the PM. Then it is up to you how you take care of yourself. Hairs need to be pulled out that are outside of the shape of the modelled eyebrows. If your own eyebrows are lighter or already grey, it is good to dye the existing hairs about once a month. In such a case we recommend that you seek the care of professionals. This service is also provided by our Estetica Studio.