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Permanent make up Prague

Welcome to website Estetica – Eva Stedra´s profi permanent make up…

Estetica studio has many years standing experience of service offering to clients. We are mainly specialized in permanent make up. That means to apply hypoalergen mineral colour into the upper layer of epidermis. We offer the filling pigment into the breast ablativ and plastic operations too. You can also tzry the very effective method of treatment by intensiv puls light – it is belongs to the latest methods of removing undersilable hairs, acne and for complexion rejuvenation.

More you can find on these sides. The team of profi cosmeticions is looking forward to your visit at Estetica studio.

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Treatment times are approximate. It is important to define the starting hour. In case the term you specified is not available, our beautician will contact you by phone to select a new term with you.

eyelines take about – 1 hour
eyebrows – 1,5 to 2 hours
lips – 2 hours



Permanent make up sets upon natural appearance, but doesn´t replace make up, i tis its basis. Permanent make up is the doublephased procedure, therefore there is the correction with 3 month guaranty included the price. Durability of permanent make up is 1 to 4 years, it is very individual.

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